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High-Speed Analog Input Module

Capturing Transient Events needs more than high-speed sampling rates.


More than just high-speed data acquisition. High-quality signal conditioning guarantees confidence in results, reliable triggering ensures data capture, and a robust architecture supports field tests.

Welcome to the QuantusSeries higher-speed shock Module. For unrivalled signal conditioning housed within instruments forged for transient capture, the higher-speed shock Module is always the first, and only, choice.

Transient capture requires high quality signal conditioning, robust triggering and a flexible architecture.

Mix and match additional modules in the QuantusSeries to acquire ICP® voltage, charge, temperature, strain and more.



  • Explosions
  • |
  • Impacts/Shocks
  • |
  • Ballistics
  • |
  • Airbag Deployment
  • |

  • Electric Vehicle Power Systems
  • |
  • Lightning Strikes
  • |
  • And more...

Up to 5 MSa/s. 24-bit.

Get ready for launch!

  • Introducing the higher-speed shock Module.
  • Watch this space:
  • Module Specifications

  • Unrivalled signal conditioning.
  • High sampling rates.
  • 100% data confidence.
  • Multiple trigger options for successful capture of transient events, such as naval and military vehicle tests.
  • Modular systems for mixed signal types.
  • Add our new higher-speed shock Module to your other parameters for all the data you need.
  • Now with QServer, our open platform for
    user application development in MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, C# and more.

The higher-speed shock Module in action

Download our Demos filmed by Product Experts, as well as interviews about Analog Input with some of the world’s most respected experts in the field.

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