Small Portable Measurements

Being away from your home base also means you want to be sure to collect all the data you think you need, plus enough extra data to prevent a repeated trip. In these types of situations it is always helpful to be able to collect the data of interest and all the possible supporting data.

This often means a combination of analog data, such as acceleration and sound, along with digital data from the CANbus that brings in all the embedded data of the system.

"When faced with testing scenarios which present with either relative motion between components of interest or large physical dimensions, distributed measurement systems offer a way to accomplish the measurement task.

In these situations, a cluster of small battery powered systems synchronized over GPS can offer the most efficient solution."

This fuller picture often enables the source of unwanted behaviors to be traced and resolved versus only having the symptomatic data without an explanation.

For this holistic picture to come together, the digital and analog data needs to be synchronized not only channel to channel but potentially between multiple systems.

Hardware to consider:

The MICROQ is the perfect fit, with its compact form factor and built-in channels. Securely control your MICROQ with your tablet, iPad or smart phone while enjoying laboratory quality measurements.

MICROQ – battery powered, built-in GPS, tachometer, and CAN FD

ICS42 – 6 ICP® / Voltage inputs tri-axial connector