Modal System

The analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes of articles under test are of interest in many different fields. Engineers use these results for the design and improvement of everything from cars and rockets, to silicon wafer production systems.

In the example of automobile development, a modal characterization of the vehicle can be used in multiple ways. One such way is for the validation and updating of numerical simulation models. By using the Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC), engineers can judge the correlation between the model and the prototype. A higher fidelity model can then be used to achieve better results for studies such as ride comfort or durability.

Utilizing the signal generator output to drive a modal shaker, along with input channels to measure the response, the MICROQ can collect all necessary data for calculating the modal characteristics of the article under test.

Hardware to consider:

MICROQ – with HDI and tachometer (TAC)

2 x ICS42 – 12 x ICP®/voltage channels make it possible to use tri-axial accelerometers with single cable wiring