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Own the unknown

Excellence is Personal

And for us, when it comes to fulfilling this mission, excellence is personal. We’re all personally driven to creating truly exceptional products. From conceptualization to client support, every stage of our product’s life cycle is passionately managed by a committed MECALC Team.

charged to innovate

To Charge is to leap forward, to grit one's teeth and to persevere. To be Charged is to have been assigned responsibility, to have been impressed upon following through with a duty. It is to be called for a purpose.

Innovation is about improvement. It is about showing initiative, looking beyond the obvious into the possible.

To be Charged to Innovate is to pioneer ideas, especially when other believe them to be unrealistic. It's a positive attitude, a viewpoint, on which each day should be approached. To be Charged to Innovate is to be excited about improving.


We fight for the highest level of creativity, quality, performance and style so that we and our customers can grow and innovate together.


We grow by strong, forward thinking systems and processes.

Since 1984

For over three decades, we have been driven to position ourselves at the forefront of new development and thinking. Our systems are used to optimise noise, vibration and structural integrity in prototype or quality control testing in markets where exceptional development and production quality are essential. Click below for a quick breakdown of some of MECALC’s successes over the years.

Mecalc's QuantusSeries


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