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Open Architecture

QuantusSeries systems come with embedded software that provides various options for user applications. Access data for software development, set up, control, and record your measurement or choose a third-party OEM software package.


MatLab, Python, LabView, ME'scope, PAK

QServer is a RESTful API which allows a user application to set and validate QuantusSeries system configurations for measurement tasks. The interface facilitates user interaction in JSON format, making it possible for users to develop applications in almost any programming environment. Develop your own application in C#, C++, Python, MATLAB and LabVIEW.

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QAcquire and QDataManager

In addition to QServer, all QuantusSeries systems come with out-of-the-box applications QAcquire and QDataManager. These applications help set up and control the measurement, as well as collect and manage the data. Embedded on QuantusSeries systems, QAcquire is a data acquisition application used to set up and retrieve data by streaming to the host or recording to Local Storage on the system. It’s a browser-based application which controls and monitors data on a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs.

QDataManager is a utility used to download and manage data recorded and stored on the system’s Local Storage. It exports data to the user’s preferred third-party analysis software package. Supported formats include MATLAB binary, Universal File Format (UFF) and CSV.

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Watch the movie

Here Cara and John explain how our QuantusSoftware makes QuantusSeries systems come alive. Embedded on the system, QuantusSoftware provides multiple application options for users. Watch the movie to find out more.

Turnkey Solutions


QuantusSoftware is designed to make QuantusSeries systems open for any measurement requirement. Develop your own software or use turnkey solutions from any one of our OEM Partners – the choice is yours. We believe your application should dictate the solution, and our software’s only function is to make this possible.

Targeted software from our OEM PartnerNetwork lets the user pair our unrivalled signal conditioning with solutions from application software specialists, ensuring a complete and personalized solution for any unique application requirement.


Find out the story behind our QuantusSeries products. Download this brochure for an overview of our solution and find out more on the best signal conditioning with the most compact form factor, and how you can grow your system in a variety of ways, both with hardware and software.


22 I/O Modules

Find out more about all of our 22 I/O Modules here.

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