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MECALC’s commitment to the highest quality at every stage of a product’s life has led us to develop our own automated calibration and testing system (DCAT) to fully test and/or calibrate the scope of our products.

ISO 17025 accredited and designed to ensure products generate accurate and repeatable results over time, DCAT has been designed to test a wide variety of hardware features – significantly more than most calibration laboratories – on our highly complex products. Ensuring efficiency and consistency through the use of tailored equipment operated by Product Experts, a MECALC DCAT calibration leads to faster and more efficient results than third party vendors.

On this page you will find information about everything from calibration and ISO 17025 accreditation to MECALC’s calibration services and DCAT. To request a calibration, fill in the form below and one of our Product Experts will contact you for an appointment.


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