Automotive Mobile System

Increased pressures from the global car industry require that every link in the supply chain do more with less. There is typically less time to bring refreshed content to the market and less access to prototype vehicles. The ‘more’ side of this equation is easy: more data.

The need for more detailed data collection, analysis and distribution has resulted in standards like ASAM-ODS and OpenMDM. These standards and processes require a flexible measurement system that can receive the work instruction, execute the measurement task, and then deposit the collected data back into the workflow.

The MICROQ is well suited for such a workflow. It can easily be configured with the required signal conditioning and has built-in binaural measurement/playback and synchronized CAN FD. Once the measurement task is completed, the MICROQ can simply be placed in its docking station (the DOCKQ) where its batteries are charged, and its data automatically downloaded into the workflow.

Hardware to consider:

MICROQ – with HDI and CAN FD

2 x ICS42 – 12 x ICP®/voltage channels make it possible to use ICP® accelerometers, microphones, force gauges, or any sensor with a voltage output

SNAV – inertial added GPS