Larger Portable Measurements

One potential option for increasing efficiency is to work on instrumentation and testing in parallel. Consider a test plan that includes both mobile and dynamometer measurements. Our intelligent systems allow this through a combination of smart device interfaces and synchronization.

Using only an app with a tablet, iPad or smart phone, it is possible for the mobile and fixed systems to be installed and verified independent of any external software. The test sequence can start with mobile measurements and once completed, the mobile and fixed systems can be combined using PTP synchronization.

"In the product development timeline there never seems to be an allowance for instrumentation. If you barely have time to do it once you certainly don’t have time to do it again. With priceless prototype vehicles in heavy demand, every department is pressured to optimize or reduce their testing hours. "

An example of this type of testing is Operational Transfer Path Analysis coupled with simulated Pass-by. By combining the highly instrumented vehicle with the microphone arrays in the chamber, it is possible to do contribution analysis to identify noise sources and energy paths that result in either excessive exterior noise or unwanted interior noise artifacts.

Hardware to consider:

Choose the DECAQ for up to 192 channels, unrivalled signal conditioning quality, simplified cabling and high precision synchronization.

DECAQ 10-192 channels of ICP® / Charge and PTP Synchronization

ICS42 – 6 ICP® / Voltage inputs tri-axial connector

SNAV – Inertial aided GPS for precision maneuver documentation

DECAQ Wrangler – cabling solution and laptop carrier

DECAQ SeatFrame – cabling solution and laptop carrier