End of Line Testing

The combination of increasing quality requirements, year over year cost reductions, and just-in-time part delivery all contribute to the increasing need for end of line (EOL) testing. EOL testing is performed on both complex systems like assembled transmissions and simple components like switches. While some testing can be accomplished with simpler measurements, it is typical for an article under test to require high quality data.

A difficult task in EOL system development is the definition of a robust measure to differentiate between good and bad parts. The measure can either be a single quantity like acceleration or more complex like the combination of several sound quality factors. In any case, it is necessary to start with reliable data from a system that can easily be incorporated into the test stand, along with the PLC elements that control the stand and the marking of component pass/fails.

For the type of testing and entry-level MICROQ or MICROQ black system with its included IVI driver provides the balance of high quality data and affordable system price. Reducing system options, like using a MICROQ without a built-in battery and Wi-Fi, does not diminish the MICROQ’s capabilities and helps to deliver a budget-friendly test stand.

Hardware to consider:

MICROQ – without built-in, GPS, or
Wi-Fi, to minimize investment

2 x ICS42 – 12 x ICP®/voltage channels make it possible to use ICP® accelerometers, microphones, force gauges, or any sensor with a voltage output

Hardware to consider:

MICROQ black tethered – Without built- in GPS and
Wi -Fi, to minimise investment

2 x ICP® channels

PTP compatible – synchronize with multiple MICROQ black systems for a higher channel count or with any other QuantusSeries system for higher channel count and increased parameter options