Large Scale
Laboratory Applications

When safety or environmental considerations prevent the placement of data acquisition equipment close to the test article and its sensors, consideration must be given to the effects of long leads on the signal.

Our hardware offers features such as variable ICP® current and constant current strain modes. The multiple synchronization methods we offer, i.e. GPS and PTP, allow us to work seamlessly with other systems such as low speed pressure and temperature systems.

"In large scale testing laboratories several unique considerations can include long cable runs, a heterogeneous environment, and a combination of challenging factors such as high channel counts, high data rates, and the inability to retest."

In critical testing environments, such as preflight checks where tests cannot be repeated, DECAQ features such as data redundancy and large channel configurations allow for one-shot testing with confidence.

Hardware to consider:

Channel counts are limited only by your measurement requirements. Choose as many DECAQs as you need and synchronize them in our large RackMounts with simplified, no-nonsense cabling.

ICM42S – ICP® with multipin connector, variable ICP® current, and buffered output

WSB42X – strain with constant voltage and constant current

PTP – Precision Time Protocol capable controller with local SSD storage and 1 GB Ethernet