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HEAD Acoustics provides industry-leading holistic, modular, and versatile solutions for fast and effortless sound and vibration analysis in NVH applications as well as speech quality for the telecom industry. HEAD Acoustics incorporate user perception and psychoacoustic methods into a system-open and highly customized solutions, making sound engineering for technical products, investigation of environmental noise, and speech quality engineering truly real-life-proof. Head Acoustics also provides engineering services, training, and support. Starting 2023 HEAD Acoustics fully integrated the MECALC DecaQ product line and modules into the HEAD Acoustics ecosystem giving users from now on virtually unlimited possibilities.

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HEAD acoustics ArtemiS SUITE:

ArtemiS SUITE - Modular software platform for the analysis of sound and vibration

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QuantusSeries solutions for
Large Data Acquisition Applications

100s of Channels | Any Sensor Type | 24-bits - up to 5 MSa/s

GPS for Time and Position, Communication and Synchronization.

QuantusSeries solutions for field measurements

2 channels to 192 channels in a single compact system. Larger channel counts are supported using multiple chassis.

Runs on internal batteries or vehicle power | Internal SSD for data storage

Vibration qualified for harsh environments | GPS for time and position, communication and synchronization



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