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Introducing the ALI25 and PhoenixKonnect

The next-generation system for Pyroshock Data Acquisition


MECALC Technologies and Computer Methods are excited to announce that our new system for Pyroshock data acquisition will be released and ready for shipment this Summer.

This system combines the ALI25, the latest addition to the QuantusSeries family, with PhoenixKonnect, a state-of-the-art touch-compliant software application designed for today’s stringent data acquisition and traceability requirements.


The industry’s first 5 MSa/s, 24-bit acquisition module with a flat bandwidth response greater than 2 MHz. Built-in Signal Conditioning for bridge-type transducers.


An intuitive solution for control, channel/signal validation, capture, analysis, and archiving of data. Supports simultaneous transient and streaming data capture using a combination of QuantusSeries and SD-VXI hardware. PhoenixKonnect postprocessing incorporates your custom scripts in Python, Matlab, or Kornucopia.

ALI25 and PhoenixKonnect

The ALI25 is a high-bandwidth Module designed for triggered/burst acquisition for Pyro-Shock / Mechanical Shock applications. It also supports continuous sampling modes for high-speed recording. Each channel includes bridge signal conditioning, a 24-bit 5 M sample/s ADC, and a 21 M sample data buffer. Systems can be configured with 2 to over 1000 channels.

Built-in Signal Conditioning supports bridge-type transducers, ICP sensors, and voltage signals. Constant voltage or current excitation is programmable for each channel. Each input channel has a buffered low noise output channel for monitoring or acquisition sensor data via a secondary system. Measurement Integrity and Sensor Status prior to an event is verified with continuous: pre-trigger monitoring, summarized signal information, and sensor fault detection.

Measurements are triggerable by signal level and persistence, external events, data flow, or software command. This advanced set of triggering options supports multi-system synchronization and ensures event detection.

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for pyroshock testing

12 channels Bridge/ICP®/Voltage at
5 MSa/s

bandwidth response greater than 2 MHz


for Large multi channel measurement

24 channels Bridge/ICP®/Voltage at 5 MSa/s

16 channels Bridge/ICP®/Voltage at 204.8 kSa/s

32 channels of Thermocouple/Pt100/Voltage at 6.4 kSa/s

Two synchronized DecaQ-06 systems

For pyroshock testing over multiple systems

PTP switch for synchronization

36 channels Bridge/ICP®/Voltage at 5 MSa/s

Where used

Acquisition of Pyro-Shock / Mechanical Shock events related to impact / shock, ballistics, and explosives test.

Bridge and Resistive Sensors that require 4-wire and 6-wire configurations.

Functions such as shunt resistors across all bridge arms (available through ISM SubModule).

High Voltage SubModule for external high-voltage signal conditioning used in power measurements.

Why QuantusSeries?

Any Sensor Type

24-bits up to 5 MSa/s

for hundreds of channels

Synchronized over PTP with optional
PoE Rack mountable

for field measurements

2 channels to 192 channels in a single compact system.

Runs on PoE, internal batteries or external power.

Internal SSD for data storage.

Vibration qualified for harsh environments.

GPS for time and position, communication and synchronization.


Designed for Transient Event Data Acquisition and Analysis using MECALC QuantusSeries and SD-VXI High-speed Hardware.


PhoenixKonnect is a specialized software application and is integrated with QuantusSeries. The software is a touch-compliant application for the acquisition, storage, and processing of dynamic data. Blended Continuous and Transient data sources are captured, processed, and displayed simultaneously.

With the click of just a few buttons, PhoenixKonnect will configure multiple channels to acquire data across a variety of hardware platforms. The flexible architecture leverages existing system channels while allowing the addition of new channels from different hardware systems. Remote hosts can control PhoenixKonnect via SSL-protected network sockets with simple REST protocols. Network-based licensing is available.

Designed around Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation and running as a native .NET 64-bit application, PhoenixKonnect offers a flexible and transportable solution, easily managing large channel count systems. Test information and transducer definitions are easily transported to or from spreadsheets or text files.


Kornucopia ML’s tools are designed to improve the speed, precision, and effectiveness of analyzing real-world data throughout your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive Setup of channels and event triggers
  • Configure trigger settings for Real-Time, Data-Flow, and Digital Events
  • Supports simultaneous control across multiple hardware platforms and sample rates
  • Real-time Monitor live-streams sensor data to ensure measurement integrity
  • Color-coded identification of signal status
  • Automatic post-test analysis to validate the quality of measurement
  • Automated post-event analysis includes filters, standard vibration analysis, SRS, and a full library of MatLab Functions
  • Easy export of raw and processed data to MatLab, CSV, UFF-58, and other platforms

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