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More than just your standard
acquisition system.

The QuantusSeries is a complete suite of tools used for the most demanding Data Acquisition applications in the industry. In addition to the quality of analog signal processing and sensor support, every system uses state-of-the-art digital processors to further process and manage signal information.

Front-end processing improves phase accuracy, effective bandwidth, and scalability of the system for real-time measurements. From 2 to 1000s of channels, the QuantusSeries is the most portable, flexible, and scalable system available on the market.

It's a Series

The QuantusSeries comprises instruments that range from small, portable pick-up-and-go devices to large channel count systems that facilitate QuantusSeries I/O Modules (to be added, swapped, and configured as needed). These systems provide a flexibility that puts the application first, giving the user the opportunity to configure a solution which addesses their unique measurement requirements.

Together with embedded QuantusSoftware, QuantusSeries systems facilitate the versatility to measure what you want, in whichever manner that suits your specific acquisition needs.


One Solution, Modular Parts

QuantusSeries systems have been designed to grow, upgrade, and sustain a lasting investment. Our acquisition architecture is designed to always put your application first, and to ensure your acquisition instruments provide lasting value. Choose QuantusSeries I/O Modules and add/remove them when the need arises and choose the software solution best suited for your application needs.

Our Products

The DECAQ range provides larger channel counts at exceptionally high channel density in systems that contain up to 192 channels in a single chassis. DECAQ chassis are conveniently portable for field measurements or rack-mountable, with simplified cabling and secure handling, for higher channel count measurements.

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Designed for convenient recording and high-quality portable measurements, the hand-held 2-18 channel MICROQ and MICROQ black impress with a simplified approach to measurement and a robust design that gives you lab quality measurements without keeping you there.

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Best in class signal conditioning. Browse through our collection of high-quality analog and digital signal conditioning Modules compatible with any MICROQ, MICROQ black or DECAQ. Mix and match input types and sample rates from our I/O 22 Modules, add and swap as desired. Our Module signal conditioning channels include sampling rates of up to 5 MSa/s.


From mobile mounts for convenient strapping to RackMounts that insure efficient cable management, Accessories help you customize your system. Cut the cord and make your system portable or simply streamline your workflow and change the way you approach your measurement workday.

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We don’t believe in limiting our customers’ options when it comes to the software that integrates with our instrumentation.

      Need basic acquisition but still want the freedom to use different software applications for your specific measurement post-processing needs?
      Embedded and included software that makes the hardware come alive, providing setup, control and acquisition.
      Want our instruments but have your own software solution?
      The QSERVER RESTful interface in MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, C#, C++ has been designed for that.
      Prefer to have application-specific software for turnkey solutions?
      Our OEM PartnerNetwork develops exceptionally high-quality software in combination with our instrumentation for you to choose from.


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