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Charged to Innovate

MECALC is an engineering hub which designs, develops, and manufactures advanced data acquisition and control systems. Our systems are used globally in applications where accuracy and the quality of signal conditioning are paramount. For over 40 years, leading manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and defense have been trusting MECALC with the development and quality control of their most important projects and applications.

Since 1984

For over four decades, MECALC’s measurement systems have provided high-quality platforms for the measurement of quantities such as sound, vibration, fatigue, temperature, and high-speed voltage. Designed using standards that yield both long-lasting stability and the necessary flexibility to accommodate advancements in the field, our systems are known for their longevity, exceptional signal conditioning quality and technological innovation.

Our instrumentation architecture facilitates the stability necessary for a strong modular upgrade strategy, while keeping your data open and accessible. Not only can you decide what to measure on the day, you can also choose when and how to upgrade your system and what software configuration will work optimally for your unique application.


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The QuantusSeries platform is more than just an acquisition system. It is a complete suite of tools for Structural Acquisition and the most demanding Data Acquisition applications. In addition to the quality of analog signal processing and sensor support, every system in the QuantusSeries range uses state-of-the-art digital processors to further process and manage signal information. Processing in the front-end hardware improves phase accuracy, effective bandwidth, and scalability of the system for real-time measurements. From 2 channels to 1000s of channels, our systems are the most portable, flexible, and scalable available in the market.

QuantusSeries systems come with embedded software that provides various options for user applications. We believe your application should dictate the measurement solution. Our software’s only function is to make this possible. QuantusSoftware has been developed to make QuantusSeries systems open for any measurement requirement. Develop your own software by accessing your data via QServer and QDataManager, set up, control and record your measurement with QAcquire or use turnkey solutions
from any one of our Partners.

The Difference is Us

Design and Manufacturing

From conceptualisation to calibration, we do it all. Along with our Research and Development Division, our in-house Electronic and Mechanical manufacturing equipment allow us to maintain our very high-quality standard and manufacture prototypes at short notice.

When you get a MECALC system, you get direct access not only to some of the highest quality data acquisition systems in the world, but exceptional service and a development team eager to work with you to customise your measurement configuration for your specific application requirements.

Join the Team

We are a vibrant group of energetic people with an average age of 30. Over a 100 employees around the world. We are constantly looking for the absolute best to join us.


Extended Warranties  |  Tailored Calibrations

MECALC provides a full range of maintenance and repair services designed to minimize downtime, maximize the life of your equipment, and avoid unplanned repair costs. Our servicing options include full system functionality tests and ISO 17025 calibrations, as well as tailored warranty options that best suit your application requirements.

Our services extend to on-site calibrations (upon request), on-site training and application engineering support. We believe in open, two-way communication that facilitates quick, proactive support by highly specialized Technicians and Engineers, trained to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Calibration Plus

Full factory System check-up

Our calibration services are performed using an automated system, developed by our engineers, to test and calibrate the full scope of each product. These services provide much more than a basic voltage source calibration and include the option for an ISO 17025 calibration. During calibration, MECALC performs a full factory test of all measurement modes on the instrument. These system check-ups test all gain stages, sensor excitation sources, and operational modes in the system, among other features. Our factory calibration validates the system operation in the way your system is used of measurements in the field.

Why choose to calibrate with MECALC? Not only do we test and validate more than third-party calibration houses, we also help our customers efficiently upgrade, repair or replace components affecting the quality of the system’s performance, reducing downtime and ensuring your system remains performing at its highest operational level.


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For detailed information about all our products, download catalog excerpt.

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